Welcome to TeamAround

You organise freelance teams for events

But "crazy" is how you describe your work — especially when things are going well 🤯

Events × Freelancers × Unexpected changes × Messages + Phone calls = Chaos 💥

You feel like a robot running out of memory 🤖

TeamAround breaks down organising freelance teams into a few simple steps:

  1. Let people know there is a job to be done
  2. Select your best available team.

For event organisers: Cut time spent sharing job details all around the internet, chasing contacts by phone, text and email, while keeping track of it all.

  • Share job details directly to skilled and available team members via SMS and email
  • Get a list of team members to confirm with click
  • Tag your contacts with relevant skills.

Team members never miss a thing.

  • Receive and confirm job offers directly via SMS and email
  • Get reminders and updates on upcoming jobs
  • Get job details automatically added to their calendar
  • See if jobs fit their day. Get alerts if double-booked.

Keep your information and attention in one place. Simply create your best team.